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The dream time of Weddings

Posted on January 31 2016

The wedding ring is a symbol of a couple’s love for one another; moving into a new era of the relationship, a moment full of positive intentions, trust, friendship and new beginnings. It is a dream time, love is in the air. It is a time which is ruled by optimistic vibes and happiness. 24 carat gold is the most suitable substance to symbolise the purity, softness, flexibility, beauty and value of the relationship. The gold acts as a conductor for the couple’s intentions, prayers and wishes. It will hold the essence of the joy of their union and create this vibration within the rings.

The frequency of these words will be inscribed with a raw diamond pen on to the gold, then rolled in a spiral shape and sealed with fire to encapsulate its vibration. The inscription will be forever protected and hidden within the gold.

Shai and Rachel got married with intention wedding rings made by Ami Ben Hur. These rings will always resonate with each other.  

Their light body merges with the vibration of the ring, making it a part of your energy field. Both rings vibrate the same frequency described above and always resonate with each other.


Photography: Arterium

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