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Posted on January 31 2016

In my adult life I went traveling for a few years to various Asian countries and enriched my knowledge and skills.

When I returned to Jerusalem I started a business creating jewellery from gold, silver and gem stones as well as cutting and carving stones from the old city, Bethlehem, Galilee sea and more.

At that time I met my partner and friend Tamar and soon after we were married in a sacred spot in the Judea Desert.

Tamar has always been a great support and inspiration in my life and my creations.

In 2000 we had our first child, Joy. We sold our business and I created a shift in my work. I exclusively worked with clients in individual sessions, and created one of a kind items that were the result of  the inspiration from the session and the discussions with the clients.

In  2004 Tamar and I had our son, Eden, and were very much inspired and passionate about our parenting.

When Eden was about one year old we decided to take a year off to enjoy quality family time, and these very special years of the children, and travelled to Australia.

The Ben-Hur family have been called Australia home ever since, and is where the Organic Gold vibrational tools are created and sent to the world.


Photography: Arterium

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