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Abundance - Intention Bead

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This 24 karat gold bead will be imbued with the frequency that reminds us of the removal of any internal obstacle. Opening the gate to the never ending flow of treasures and their manifestations in our life.

The intention set within the gold together with the gold's own frequency, vibrate within the light body/energy field of the wearer. It adds the qualities of purity, flexibility and conductivity to our system. Therefore our desire and intention becomes a part of us and attracts more of it to us. 

  • Intention Bead Description

    The intention bead is a 24 karat gold bead conducting one’s intention, prayers, goals or wishes. It vibrates the 24k gold frequency and the intention set within it. The bead can be worn on a string, gold chain, silver chain or added to any existing necklace. It can also be used as a smaller version of the gold water enhancer.

  • 1 Gram

    7mm diameter X 5.5mm width and an internal hole of 5mm. The 1 gram symbolises 'one's self within the oneness'.


  • 2 Grams

    9.5mm diameter X 6.5mm width and an internal hole of 7mm The 2 grams symbolises 'duality, communication and relationship of any kind'.


  • 3 Grams

    11mm diameter X 7.5mm width with an internal hole of 8.5mm. The 3 grams symbolises 'self creation within the duality'.


  • 4 Grams

    12mm diameter x11mm width and internal hole of 10mm. The 4 gram symbolises 'community and the wisdom around it'.


  • 5 Grams

    The 5 gram symbolises 'the effortless balance of our nature and its expression with in life interactions'.


Size Chart

*You may add up to two more frequency/intention words to your intention ring, wedding ring, bangle or bead. Please write them in field when you reach the cart.
** For 'Choose your own' custom rings, beads or bangles you can have from 2-6 intentions, mantras or prayers. Please write these once your item is in the cart.

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