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Jerusalem Stone - Intention Mala - Mala Beads

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The unity Mala is a 108 bead Mala made from Jerusalem Stone beads. It combines different symbols and frequencies which serve as a reminder of unity and a support for the embodiment of unity.

The Jerusalem Stone beads that are used for the Mala are 4mm in diameter, the number 4 symbolising community. The string is knotted twice between each bead. The ‘guru bead’ is a 6mm bead which symbolises an open channel for universal energies. Your organic gold intention bead attached to your mala, sits right above the tassel.

The tassel is made by wrapping the string 21 one times, as a symbol supporting change from within.

Wear it long around your neck or loop it around your wrist. The Intention Mala comes with a 1 gram Organic Gold intention bead where you can choose your own intention. Please write your intentions when you add this to your cart.

Mala Bead colours are unique and may vary from the images shown.

  • What are Mala Beads?

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    When 108 beads come together forming one circle, they symbolise the many life forms, the uniqueness of each bead represents the differences between us all. Together they form one complete circle. The number 108 is a traditional auspicious number representing a complete 108 energy lines converging to form the heart chakra. The diameter of the sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth. In the kabala the number 18 is the frequency of life. 108 is known to be the recommended number of times to repeat your mantra/prayer/intention and the Mala is a counting tool for this practice. The numbers represent: 1 = oneself within the oneness, 0 = living in the field of never ending possibilities, 8 = experiencing life within infinity. The beads that are in the Mala are made from Jerusalem Stone, which holds the frequency of a grounded heart. The grounded heart frequency is a frequency of presence with a clear connection to the essence of our spirit, and allows a full expression of this balance in life interactions. Jerusalem Stone is known as the ‘corner stone’ of Solomon’s temple. The name Solomon is a combination of two Hebrew words describing wholeness and peace. This temple was a house of prayer for all, and king Solomon was the king that managed to keep peace and wholeness in his time. The meaning of the name Jerusalem is the foundation of wholeness, oneness and peace. The Jerusalem Stone that is found in this area has the variations of all the skin colours that humanity is wearing.


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*You may add up to two more frequency/intention words to your intention ring, wedding ring, bangle or bead. Please write them in field when you reach the cart.
** For 'Choose your own' custom rings, beads or bangles you can have from 2-6 intentions, mantras or prayers. Please write these once your item is in the cart.

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