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Playfulness - Intention Bead

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This 24 karat gold bead vibrates with ease, laughter creativity & joy. Finding their way and expression within all interactions of life.

This intention set within the gold, together with the gold's own frequency, vibrate within the light body/energy field of the wearer. It adds the qualities of purity, flexibility and conductivity to our system. Therefore our desire and intention becomes a part of us and attracts more of it to us.

  • Intention Bead Description

    The intention bead is a 24 karat gold bead conducting one’s intention, prayers, goals or wishes. It vibrates the 24k gold frequency and the intention set within it. The bead can be worn on a string, gold chain, silver chain or added to any existing necklace. It can also be used as a smaller version of the gold water enhancer.

  • 1 Gram

    7mm diameter X 5.5mm width and an internal hole of 5mm. The 1 gram symbolises 'one's self within the oneness'.


  • 2 Grams

    9.5mm diameter X 6.5mm width and an internal hole of 7mm The 2 grams symbolises 'duality, communication and relationship of any kind'.


  • 3 Grams

    11mm diameter X 7.5mm width with an internal hole of 8.5mm. The 3 grams symbolises 'self creation within the duality'.


  • 4 Grams

    12mm diameter x11mm width and internal hole of 10mm. The 4 gram symbolises 'community and the wisdom around it'.


  • 5 Grams

    The 5 gram symbolises 'the effortless balance of our nature and its expression with in life interactions'.


Size Chart

*You may add up to two more frequency/intention words to your intention ring, wedding ring, bangle or bead. Please write them in field when you reach the cart.
** For 'Choose your own' custom rings, beads or bangles you can have from 2-6 intentions, mantras or prayers. Please write these once your item is in the cart.

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