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Pregnancy - Circle of Light - Ring

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The Circle of Light Ring imbued with frequencies around Pregnancy:

This intention set within the gold together with the gold's own frequency, vibrate within the light body/energy field of the wearer. It adds the qualities of purity, flexibility and conductivity to our system. Therefore our desire and intention becomes a part of us and attracts more of it to us.

  • Circle of Light Ring Description

    The Circle of Light Ring holds 10 grams of 24 karat organic gold. It is a circle portal ring that vibrates the gold frequency and the intention set within it. The Circle of Light Ring comes in sizes 3 to 11 and is 5mm thick. See the Ring Size Guide.

  • The Pregnancy Intention

    The frequencies that support pregnancy; pure gold is a bridge between our earthly and spiritual existence. It is soft, flexible, conductive and pure. This will support the changes. the stretching. and the letting go in this magical process. It will invite the golden light to guide and connect the mother to the never-ending knowledge of the feminine. The intention imbued as the foundation of the frequency of the gold is: I AM, vitality, acceptance, life, trust, joy and friendship. This will also invite and support the masculine to be present within the new. Finding their way and expression within all interactions of life.


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