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Purifying - Gold Water Enhancer

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The gold water enhancer is a powerful tool to bring the qualities of pure gold,  diamond, gemstones and the power of intention to be a part of our drinking water; to nourish the cells of our bodies with a vibration that will be tuned to our specific desired frequency. 

Each Gold Water Enhancer is created only on a Limited Edition, Custom Order basis with it’s own intention. The design specifics and inscriptions are all unique to each piece.

Please Contact Ami to discuss personally making your very own Gold Water Enhancer.

  • How it works

    The combination of the different elements in the gold water enhancer vibrate together at a particular frequency - unique to the specific synergy of all aspects and qualities within each one. When placed in a vessel just like a tea bag, the vibrations are infused into the water, enriching it with this frequency.

  • The Benefits of Gold Water

    When we drink gold water, it is absorbed into our system through cellular osmosis, so we now resonate at this new frequency. In other words, we add the gold qualities of purity, flexibility and conductivity to our system. The golden light energy becomes a part of us and attracts more of it to us.


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