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I am honoured to be a friend of Ami Ben-Hur, a loving evolved spirit bringing enlightenment to our world. Working with Ami, Margaret and I inscribed our wishes and desires in a beautifully crafted intention bead. Ami’s process was more than just making a piece of jewelry, it was a deeply inspirational bonding rite that represented a sacred ceremony honoring our love, a celebration hosted and officiated by our dear friend Ami. I highly recommend the sacred experience of working with Ami and bathing in his wisdom!

Bruce H. Lipton & Margaret



My Beloved Brother Ami is a master craftsman.

His attention to details is unparalleled. This is the first time I’ve ever had a piece of jewelry that was life changing. Ami sat down with me and after a detailed interview, we set the intentions for my necklace. He selected the proper gems and stones that would support my intentions.

Since I’ve been wearing his necklace, I can feel my heart chakra opening wider by the day. I feel more love in my life, more joy…I have more vivid dreams and I recall them.

The bottom line is, if you want the best, there is no substitute for the integrity, skill and passion that Ami brings to his work.

Kirk Nugent

Inspirational Speaker and Poet 


Creating a pure gold Water Intention holder with Ami is a joyful experience not to be missed.  Ami takes you right into the mystique of pure gold, and you start to feel the alchemy of this amazing metal.  Until we created our device together I had no real feeling for Gold.  Suddenly I saw its magic and mysterious place in our world.  I see the purity and beauty of real 24 carat gold for the first time.

Ami is a gentle loving guide who takes you carefully through the process with a fine sensitivity to all the emotional issues involved.  As you place your intention into the golden casket, the sweetness of his nature comes through with your own guidance, and you have a lifelong gift that keeps on radiating and sharing good feelings.  I love the water we drink every day with Ami’s lovingly crafted conditioner.  It was the best use I could have for the lump of gold that was sitting around gathering dust before this.  It is now a living antennae of  pure hearted intention.

Thank you Ami – you share your passion and craft better than anyone I know.  Lynda and I Love it.

Christopher Dean


We met Ami many years ago and watched his transformation through and after his accident into a spiritual artist. Over the years we have acquired a few personal treasured possessions made by the magic of Ami’s hands. First was when he transformed an ordinary diamond ring into an organically sculptured object of art; a discrete and comfortable ring to wear at all times. Next was an intention bead which is a constant reminder of Marion’s ultimate wish and she is never without it! Intention is unquestionably the most powerful tool for manifestation. Finally he made for Rohm and Marion a gold pocket to immerse in a jug of water that emits a frequency that imparts energy and healing vibrations.This we travel with wherever we go in the world. What makes these objects of art special is that Ami, because of a near death experience has been transformed into a very unique and special human being. His simplicity and clarity is not from this earth. We love what Ami creates.

Rohm and Marion Kest

Yoga Master


Ami Hai Benhur is a devotee of Presence. His authentic and organic expression is excelling in its creativity and sensitivity.I find in his work with gold, diamonds and precious stones so much more than its exquisite artistry and mastery.
It carries frequencies and vibrations that are deeply rooted in consciousness and the intention to serve the essence through its form. His work embodies his understanding of the connection and non separation nature of matter and spirit. It is ancient wise and ever new. I wear the necklace he created for me all the time!  It looks great and feels amazing! 

Amir Paiss



I met Ami more than 25 years ago, in Jerusalem. Although Ami was only in his early 20′s, on meeting him, one sensed he is a unique individual. Ami is a gifted craftsman. I cherish an embroidered bag made me all those years ago. And he is also powerfully spiritual. A constant wonderment about the universe around him. Boundless curiosity. and the warmth, generosity and love he gladly shares opens anyone’s heart. I can’t wait to see you again, Ami.

Love, Asaf Kellr


My partner and I had no idea that having our old rings melted together and made into new wedding rings would be such an amazing experience. Ami bought such love and grace to the process that it took our ceremony to another level completely. We are grateful for what he provided for us and recommend to anyone else that working with Ami as a jeweller is more than you can imagine.


Michael and Susanna

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