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The Unity Mala Project

The Unity Mala Project is an offering and an invitation to take a part in a sacred communal space. It is a platform to shine our light, to brighten each others lives, to allow full expression and sharing of our unique selves.

 It is a reminder to give real energy to our every day interactions and transform our thoughts, feelings and actions into love. It’s a space to enrich ourselves with the wisdom of the community, sharing the evolving insights, inspirations and different ways to fully live within our Truth, Consciousness & Bliss peacefully. Om Shanti Satchidananda

The Unity Mala combines different symbols and frequencies which support the embodiment of unity & peace on our planet. It is a reminder of our intentions.

The song Satchidananda/Awakening by Deva Premal & Miten is the inspiration for the Unity Mala, and is available as a  free download here.

The materials used in the mala are Jerusalem stone and 24 k organic gold. The Jerusalem Stone holds the frequency of a grounded heart, which is a reminder to allow the knowing of the heart to be expressed within our every day interactions, and strengthens the connection to the essence of our spirit.

A 24 karat organic gold intention bead sits right above the Guru Bead and the tassel and is imbued with Deva Premal & Miten chanting the mantra Satchidananda – Truth, Consciousness, Bliss.

 We invite you to be inspired by stories from our Unity Mala Project community about experiences with manifesting greater unity in daily life. Be inspired... and inspire others by sharing your stories.


The intention is to amplify the golden light within your reality and create a resonant energetic grid connecting all of us walking together on this journey.

The pure gold, vibrating its natural qualities of softness and flexibility, offers the teaching of acceptance and non resistance. It is a great conduit that opens the gate for universal energies, allowing free choice and non judgment, so the abundance of all things enriches us with all that we ever need.

Gold holds the frequency of purity and is uncontaminated. It reminds us to shine our uniqueness, to give our light, meet the next moment without attachment - magically transforming any moment into a golden one.

 Unity Mala Symbols

Malas are traditionally created with 108 beads to support the practice of chanting mantras/prayers/intentions 108 times. According to the ancient holy scriptures of India, our body has 108 main energy lines called the nadis and when we repeat a mantra 108 times we fill up these 108 nadis with the energy of the mantra.

 The number 108 also symbolizes the frequency of life:

·          1 = oneself within the oneness

·          0 = living in the field of never ending possibilities

·          8 = experiencing life within infinity

 The Jerusalem Stone beads that are used for the Unity Mala are 4 mm in diameter, the number 4 symbolising community

The string is knotted twice between each bead as a symbol of connection, communication, sharing and love.

The ‘guru bead’ is a 6 mm bead which symbolises an open channel for universal energies - inviting the support of all parts of our being to guide us on this journey.

 The tassel is made by wrapping the string 21 one times as a symbol supporting change from within. The Unity Mala arrives with the tassel closed so that you can tune in and cut it yourself, with the intention and the invitation to support the embodiment of unity on this planet. Read more about activating your Unity Mala

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