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About Mantra Bead

Each Mantra Bead is a scroll made from 24 karat organic pure gold, imbued with sound and inscribed on the scroll is a mantra – a sacred prayer designed to awaken us to our divine nature. The scroll is then rolled into a bead and sealed with fire to encapsulate its vibration.

How Does The Mantra Bead Work?

Just like any substance, sound or symbol, the Mantra Bead vibrates a unique essence within your energy body.

Gold has long been held to be an alchemical transmitter of golden light and when it is imbued with the energy of ancient mantras from the East, it ignites the mantra’s essential vibration.

What Do Mantras Do?

Deva explains: “Mantras are energetic sound formulas, developed in the Eastern meditation traditions as a way to enhance awareness in daily life, and move us into spaces of deep inner peace and silence. Different mantras open different energy pathways and enhance different activities, such as: supporting physical healing; tapping into our inner strength in the face of obstacles; creating a blessing when preparing food, or before love-making.”

Miten points out that: “The Sanskrit language is energy based. It is not a descriptive language – it carries the actual sound equivalent of the manifestation. Hence, the sound ‘prem’ – which translates as ‘love’ in English – is the actual energetic vibration of love. So, repetitive chanting of the sound ‘prem’ opens our perception, and brings us in touch with a direct, personal experience of love itself. Each mantra is a key that opens a particular door into a place of inner peace and calm."

As Deva notes, “For me the real pinnacle of the mantra is when the words are gone and only the vibration remains. I become engulfed in Ecstatic Silence.”

Ways Of Using The Mantra Bead

Simple Beauty

The pure gold looks so alive and potent - it is simply beautiful to wear.

Energetic Reminder

Enjoy the frequency of the gold and the mantra of your choice vibrating within you. Use it as a reminder by holding your hands on the mantra bead and tune in to the essence of it, especially in challenging moments.


The Joy Meditation

Meditate with your Mantra Bead.  Find a comfortable position, and express your gratitude for the gold and the mantra for being present in your life. With relaxed and deep breaths allow its power to grow within you, gently removing any energetic blocks while enriching every cell. Feel it shining from within. Continue until you feel yourself vibrating as one with it. Enjoy!

The Guidance Meditation

First, connect to the essence of your Mantra Bead. Now bring to mind a question, a pattern or anything you wish to contemplate. Ask the Mantra Bead “In the light of the Mantra and the purity of the organic gold, what will be the answer to my question?” Allow the Mantra and the Golden Light to fill your heart with understanding.

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