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What is Organic Gold?

Posted on January 31 2016

What is Organic Gold in comparison to non-organic gold and why I prefer it?

The Gold that has been given to us as humans to enjoy and use it’s qualities by Mother Earth
Organic Gold is the Gold that comes to the surface and could be found in river banks and different grounds by light digging and hand fossicking as opposed to non-organic gold  that is very aggressively dug up by big mining machines, digging down kilometers into the ground, moving thousands of truckloads of soil and treating it with harsh chemicals in order to separate the gold to clean it.

The pure gold found in nature is 24k and any other form such as 22k, all the way to 9k, white gold, rose gold, etc which is a standard material being used in the jewellery industry has been created from 24k gold mixed with different metals with the help of chemicals that make the process technically easy
The end result is a stable looking new metal that is cheaper and easier to sell but it is NOT pure gold any more.

It is not vibrating with the unique frequency which in ancient times humans from all civilisations appreciated and valued so highly.

In other words, the gold used to day in the jewellery industry is a processed gold with an emphasis on appearance, easy manufacturing techniques and reduce the cost of the gold by reducing the amount of 24k gold in the raw material.

(It reminds me of the processed food industry, which aggressively pushes away the most simple organic food or the pharmaceutical industry pushing away the medicinal herbs and the ancient knowledge contained in them).

Pure Gold is vibrating flexibility, conductivity, purity, and the Golden Light and can support many aspects of our being and uplift our Vibration. 24k gold, allowing an endless combination of vibration. By working with it, creating different tools/jewellery, the Gold will conduct and amplify different frequencies that can be tuned and personalised by us that can be enjoyed and used for our own healing and supporting our intentions, protecting, abundance, vitality or any other desire we wish to support in our life.

WOW! What a gift from Mother Earth.

Discover the world of Organic Gold and have a piece imbued with intentions, prayers or mantras that speak to you.

Organic Gold

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